What is craft beer?

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What is craft beer?

Post by Turtleneck on 2017-07-05, 10:48

More than 800 breweries — including Sam Adams, Sierra Nevada and New Belgium — will soon begin printing seals on their beers that identify them as “Certified Independent Craft.” The initiative, which was spearheaded by the trade group for independent craft brewers, is intended to differentiate “true” craft beers from those made by the likes of MillerCoors, Anheuser-Busch and Heineken.

To qualify to use the seal, breweries cannot be more than 25 percent owned or controlled by any alcohol company that's not itself a craft brewer. Its annual production also can't exceed six million barrels.

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Re: What is craft beer?

Post by InTenSity on 2017-07-05, 12:00

I like this. Since the bigger companies are losing sales to craft, they are going out and trying to buy them up, then sell them as craft, even though someone like Miller Coors or InBev are the ones producing them. This will make it easier for me to decide who I want to support. If I like a beer I will continue to buy it, but with some beers they are interchangeable to me. Basically at this point, buying craft beer would be buying American, while buying Bud or Miller is supporting importers.

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